Laura's Roles

I'm a girl who grew up pretending and found myself through all these roles and more. To me a role is a person, and knows no bounds.


I've been the PRINCESS,  the POPULAR girl, the STALKER, the OUTCAST, the WANNABE, the BEST FRIEND, the SMART PREPSTER, the BITCHthe RICH GIRL, the NEW girl, the  PEPPY CHEERLEADER the SPORTY girl, and the QUIRKY friend who marches to the beat to her own drum. I've been clumsy, at times a little crazy, shy, and bubbly. 


My Acting Style: A little Meisner, and Adler but I build my characters from the ground up using the moment I'm in, truth, imagination and sometimes parts of my own experiences. 

Behind The Roles

     Ever since I can remember I had the heart of a performer.  When I was two, I would belt the song “Unchained Melody” in my car seat as my parents listened in awe.

     At four years old, I refused to come down from my room unless my mom called me Princess Jasmine. And you know that weird kid you see in elementary school running around the playground completely lost in their own world?...that was me. Every recess I would sing “Just Around the Riverbend” from Pocahontas, and after my first play of Beauty and The Beast in 2nd grade I couldn't stop performing. 

     In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I learned through rough years both in school, and the town who I was, and who I wanted to be. 

     It wasn't until I auditioned for one of LA's top acting schools, Gary Spatz the Playground in Los Angeles that I knew I had a talent for making people feel exactly what I was feeling, and I could communicate that on screen.

     When I recieved my associate’s degree for psychology, I left California for Orlando, FL to purse my bachelor’s degree in film at Full Sail University. It was through each short film, that proved more and more my love and talent for acting.

     After living and performing in Los Angeles, CA for a month, I became a member of SAG-AFTRA, and landed my first agents and mangers.  Los Angeles taught me a lot about the business, as well as the importance of maintaining your own personal style and unique qualities. 

      Today I continue to perform in features, shorts, tv shows, commercials, and for voiceover roles. I love this industry, and continue to enjoy all the adventures that come with it. 


© 2019 by Laura Stetman. 

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